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Le 26 janvier 2021


8:30 pm - 10:00 pm [Paris Time UTC+1]
Hôtel 71
© Edwin Hooper - Unsplash
© Edwin Hooper - Unsplash

Behind the question of the Anthropocene emerges an underlying question, a general problem, that of the vulnerability of humans and non-humans. Whether this vulnerability is that of human organizations, of humans in the face of major epidemics or of his psychological vulnerability, of a distress that is spreading in our contemporary societies, the question arises: are we all vulnerable?

Some of the human actions have led to sometimes irremediable system reactions on earth, phenomena which the Anthropocene illustrates and which we experience head-on. But are all lives vulnerable in the same way? And how to define this concept of vulnerability today? How to change the paradigm? How can we avoid the risks? For who or for what?

Cross-discussion between three visions, Eric Klinenberg who questions these issues through urban life where a more equitable and united society can be built despite the heat waves in the United States. Frédéric Keck's ethnographic research in China where he studied the relationship between humans and poultry in the face of avian flu. And Joy Sorman, who will open the doors to a world she has studied: the French psychiatric community.

With  :
Frédéric Keck
(France), philosopher and anthropologist.
Eric Klinenberg
(USA), sociologist and director of the Institute for Public Knowledge
Joy Sorman
(France), writer.

Animé par :
Jérémy Cheval
(France), architect and researcher, École Urbaine de Lyon

In collaboration with the Institute for Public Knowledge

languages available for this sequence: English / French

Video of the discussion